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What is Lithotherapy ?

Lithotherapy is known as an "alternative" to traditional medicine. It is based on the benefits of stones both for healing and regulating the body's energies. Lithotherapy is part of a holistic approach, which involves treating the body and mind as a whole: we work on the overall harmony of the body with a view to well-being*.


Health, protection, well-being... these are just a few of the many qualities attributed to stones used in lithotherapy. Their many benefits can be experienced in a variety of ways:



At my beauty institute “Instant Magique” in Coudoux, near Aix-en-Provence, I offer you personalised access to lithotherapy. Treatments are based on your deepest needs and aim to maximise your well-being. You will have access to a simple consultation, to discover the basics of lithotherapy to be applied at home, receive a holistic treatment with stones adapted to your needs, or benefit from the creation of a personalised, hand-made energy bracelet.


Lithotherapy session - 50€

Creation of a personnalised energy bracelet - 45€

Please note that lithotherapy is no substitute for medical treatment. It works to soothe and relieve negative effects. It should not be considered as a miraculous answer to all problems, as the effect of the stones is subtle. A medical opinion and follow-up treatment adapted to your condition are indispensable. Do not stop any medical treatment without consulting your doctor.

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