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Bach Flowers

What are Bach Flowers Remedies ? 

Bach flowers or "Bach flower essences" are floral solutions, obtained by macerating certain plants, mixed with rock water. There are 38 variations, according to the 38 species studied for their properties by Dr Edward Bach.


Just like lithotherapy, which I also practice, Bach Flower Remedies are considered as "alternative therapies". It is important to keep in mind that they are part of a holistic approach to well-being and balancing our emotions and body energy.


At my beauty institute “Instant Magique” in Coudoux, I offer a consultation to identify which Bach Flower Remedies are most suited to your needs. Depending on what comes up during the session, you will leave with a personalised bottle, prepared by hand (a bottle can contain up to 7 different Bach flowers).  The consultation, including a bottle to take home, costs 40€.


You can also find my boutique of Elixirs&Co beauty products (based on Bach Flower Remedies) online. Here is an overview:

Discover the other services of your institute in Coudoux: 

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